Programa Preliminar

Early Rectal Cancer
Local excision or ESD?
Is MR staging any useful?
Is there a place for RT?

Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery Video Session
Transanal TME Joep Knol
Robotic TME
Lateral Node Dissection

Complications in Colorectal Surgery!

Neoadjuvant Treatment

Short-course + chemotherapy
Consolidation Chemotherapy

Assessment of tumor response to CRT - Practical considerations

Case Discussions – Metastatic and Non-metastatic rectal cancer


Watch & Wait
nCRT + Local excision

Resectable liver metastatic disease and locally advanced disease

Synchronous liver/rectal resection

Terrifying Videos

Things that may go wrong... And how to fix them!

Optimal timing for surgery/assessment of response to nCRT

Molecular biology for the future management of rectal cancer

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