Programa Preliminar

Thursday, November 21st
08:00Early stage disease in the last 5cm of the rectum
Advanced endoscopic assessment – What are the ideal selection criteria for an ESD
MR can provide useful/objective criteria for the selection of patients for local excision
Early rectal cancer
Why full-thickness local excision is better than ESD?
Why ESD is better than FTLE?
"Unfavorable" T1 distal rectal cancer
Contact RT is better than surgery
TME is still the best treatment
Case Discussion
10:30Lecture: Local Excision after nCRT – The GRECCAR 2 revisited
11:00Tricks of the trade – Videos with no "BS….
Transanal TME – How to get into the correct plane earlier in very distal cancers?
Robotic TME – How is the robot better than lap in the obese male?
Robotic TME - TME after a local regrowth - Is it more difficult than a primary rectal cancer?
Laparoscopic Lateral Node Dissection – Step by Step
Extralevator APR – Doing it from above with the robot
Extralevator APR – Doing it from below with the transanal platform
12:30Satellite Symposium
Intraoperative and Postoperative Complications in Colorectal Surgery
Interactive Case Discussion
14:00Modern Neoadjuvant treatment
Chemo first!
Total Neoadjuvant Therapy: new kid on the block
Radiation first!
Short-course RT and consolidation chemotherapy – Improving survival in rectal cancer?
Organ-preservation – Why Contact RT with standard external CRT is the best strategy for achieving a sustained complete response
Induction Chemotherapy in order to tailor treatment of rectal cancer – The French Experience
16:00Assessment of Tumor Response to CRT – practical considerations
mrTRG is critical for decision management
The (in)consistency of Clinical assessment
Radiomics – What is this and how this may be relevant for the management of rectal cancer?
PET-MR – IS there a role in systemic or locoregional staging?
17:15MDT – Real case discussion in early rectal cancer

Friday, November 22nd
08:00Controversial issues in rectal cancer
Salvage after a local regrowth
pCRM+ after proper TME – then what?
Upper rectal cancer – are we doing a good job as surgeons with partial TME?
What are the patients that need lateral node dissection in rectal cancer?
No more loop ileostomies in rectal cancer after TME?
Conditional Survival after WW – What are the risk factors for local regrowth over time
10:30Rectal Cancer and IBD - What is the risk and what changes in management in the era of biologics?
The (Ir)relevance of the metastatic lymph nodes in Rectal cancer
Poor Responders – Neither Watching nor Waiting after nCRT
Locally advanced disease – what are the technical/surgical limits for pelvic exenteration?
The pathological and clinical significance of tumor deposits – What they are and what do they mean?
Adjuvant therapy after nCRT in rectal cancer - What, when and for how long?
12:00Satellite Symposium - Extended lymph node dissection in colorectal cancer using minimally invasive approaches
Near-complete response after nCRT…
Definition of what a good (but incomplete) response is…
Give it more time or more (contact) RT?
Just locally excise it!
Give it more chemotherapy – Is there a role for consolidation chemotherapy
Functional Outcomes after WW
Special Lecture - No immediate surgery after CRT following a complete clinical response – The Watch and Wait Story so far…
16:30Advanced disease
Intraperitonial rectal cancer invading the peritoneal surface (T4a) – Is there a role for prophylactic HIPEC?
Potentially Resectable Metastatic disease and locally advanced rectal cancer
Chemotherapy alone is the preferred primary approach!
Is there a place for stents in the rectum?
When short-courses followed by chemo is the best alternative upfront
Is there a place for synchronous liver and rectum resection – When and How?
18:00From open TME to no surgery….What has been real and what has been rubbish in rectal cancer management in the last 50 years – The master’s view

Saturday, November 23rd
08:30Terrifying Videos
Things that may wrong…and how to fix them!
Problems during taTME I
During Robotic TME
During pelvic exenteration
Problems during taTME II
09:00 Multidisciplinary approach to synchronous metastatic rectal cancer – Case discussion
10:00 Coffee-Break
10:30 Ultimate challenges
7 vs 11 weeks after nCRT – The latest from Greccar 6
6 vs 12 weeks – The longer the better…
11:15 Molecular biology for the future management of rectal cancer
Using rectal cancer tumoroids to test for chemo and radiation sensitivity/resistance
Prediction of response – Are we anywhere near a clinically useful tool?
Current guidelines and Future Clinical practice – How I think rectal cancer should be treated in 2030
12:00Closing remarks

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